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Notion Template

Job Search Toolbox

Learn the tricks, but skip the mistakes!

I built the toolbox by combing through the set of tools and trackers I’ve built myself over time to keep my team’s content projects humming.

This is the collection of Notion tools I use to keep a steady flow of content going that:

  • tells our story
  • helps hit company goals,
  • launches on time and on budget.
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Pre-Built Projects and Trackers

Keep on top of all your projects using pre-built trackers and calendars. And make sure your projects are successful by kicking off with templated project briefs.

Manage Your Social Calendar

Manage your social posts as well with new social calendar and pre-publish checklists.

Document Your Brand Guidelines​

Keep everyone singing from the same songbook by documenting your brand guidelines. Share with your project teams so everyone knows how to use words, colors, and visuals consistently.

Resources for Content Marketers

Collect feed material for upcoming projects and keep an eye on your competition. Keep your army of freelancers straight by collecting their contact info in one spot. And check out the list of cool content tools.

Don't reinvent the wheel.

Use the content marketing toolbox to keep on top of your deadlines while developing high quality pieces designed to hit your goals.

Try it out. If you don’t find it useful, I’ll refund your purchase 100%

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