Oh my goodness...
Do I love a good cookie!

I lust after cookie recipes. Even if I don’t get around to baking them all, just knowing they exist makes my life complete.
Maybe I can make your life complete too…scroll away!

Tie Dye Butter Cookies

Because you don’t have to chill the dough, this cookie cuts your kitchen time in half. And when it comes time to decorate, no need to panic if your first attempts don’t work out.

Lemon Sablé Cookies

These tender, zesty cookies are delicate and light, and a delightful finish to a summer lunch or afternoon tea.

Hot Cocoa Cookies

This recipe, made with hot chocolate mix, studded with semisweet mini chips, and topped off with a bittersweet disk, is a tribute to those indulgent traditions.

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

No time to make everyone's favorite, chocolate chip cookies? This dough comes together in a flash — just spread it in a pan and bake; no need to shape individual cookies.

Soft Ginger-Molasses Cookies and Ginger Syrup

Dark, rich, and soft/chewy, these are everything you'd expect in an old-fashioned ginger-molasses cookie.

Red Velvet Cookies

There must be savoriness (thanks to salt and vinegar, the latter of which helps the cake rise, too) as well as bitterness (thanks to the cocoa and food coloring). Speaking of artificial facades, there must be a deep, bold, brick-red hue to it (because that’s the color of reignition).

Shimmer Cookies with Raspberry Filling

These sparkly sandwich cookies look like little snowballs, with a bright red ribbon of raspberry filling in the middle.


Shortbread is a wonderful starting point for all kinds of sweet adventures: top it (nuts, chocolate, jam); flavor it (lemon, hazelnut, coconut); or do both (cappuccino with a mocha ganache drizzle, anyone?).

Edible Cookie Dough

Cookie dough lovers, eat your hearts out! Toasting the flour in this egg-free version zaps any bacteria, making the raw dough safe for kids—and grown-ups—to eat as is.

Mini Black & White Cookies

Black and white cookies are the perfect marriage of chocolate and vanilla, cookie and cake.

Magic in the Middles

Reminiscent of a chocolate peanut butter cup candy, this recipe is one that's been making the rounds for years.


These beloved cookies chocolate sandwich cookies are a childhood favorite; many of us still rank them #1 in our personal Cookie Hall of Fame.

Double Chocolate Espresso Cookies

Two warnings about these cookies: Don't give them to children right before their bedtime, and don't leave any out if you want to save some for yourself.

Zebra-Striped Shortbread

Why choose between the two greats, vanilla and chocolate? Each bite of this art deco shortbread has just the right amount of both.

Ginger Molasses Cookies with Blueberry Filling

The flavors of ginger and molasses epitomize warmth and comfort. When baked into cookies and sandwiched with a blueberry cream cheese filling, they reach a whole new level.

Homemade Milano Cookies

These cookies take a little bit of time to put together, but they’re well worth the effort. Adding a little bit of orange zest makes them even better.